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Playing the characteristics of 7 billion won gold holiday travel

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Bamboo car will be a leisurely, Xingwen tent section, Li Wang white meat cutter game ... ... the just-concluded Mid-Autumn Festival, National Day holiday, more than 200 million visitors to celebrate the holidays in Yibin, Yibin, 10 days a total of 700 million tourism revenue dollars.

As one of the best cultural and ecological tourist city of Yibin, with Bamboo Sea, Xingwen, ten wine city, Bo Coffins, Li Zhuang town a large number of tourist attractions. "Participation, experience is not strong in the western underdeveloped areas has been tourism development bottleneck, to break this bottleneck, we have carefully planned the launch of the holiday in a series of colorful theme activities." Yibin City Tourism Bureau of the person in charge, "playing a characteristic" as Yibin Mid-Autumn Festival, a major highlight of the National Day holiday.

It is understood that during Mid-Autumn Festival, Yibin in the area of innovation for tourism image ambassador selection, Dam movies, rock climbing competition sea, wine, travel miles and other themed events the city. National Day period, the Bamboo Sea, Xingwen, Li Zhuang town, Wuliangye industrial tourism demonstration held in Zhuhai are appropriate will be invited to the Mid-Autumn months, the panda bamboo food feast will be a clear theme and so series, features highlights of activities .

Tourism Bureau of Yibin City, Yibin will be implemented through continuous innovation to further "strong brigade" strategy to promote tourism to Yibin City tourism, leisure, vacation, health tourism and other comprehensive changes to enhance the vitality of tourism industry development and competitiveness, strive to total tourism income by 2011 the average annual growth of 20% or more, the city's tourism industry accounts for 8% GDP, domestic tourists more than 20% annual growth, average annual growth of inbound tourists more than 15%.

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