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Tibet is a Tibetan-based autonomous regions inhabited by minority nationalities. Experts believe that tourists to Tibet's unique customs of the Tibetan people should be respected. Tibetan hada is the most common and most solemn a matter of protocol. When the hospitality of the Tibetan master hada presented to the guests, the guests should Gongyao accepted; into the ordinary Tibetan people's home, remember not stamped on the threshold; to call names, generally in the name followed by "La" in the word, to show respect each other, kind. Host, such as invited guests were seated, can sit cross-legged, not straight legs, soles of the feet to the person; accept gifts, then with both hands. In addition, can not just hand to touch the heads of the Tibetans. Three glass is the most important Tibetan people in the parlor when a courtesy. Three procedures was about a cup like this: customers first, stick with the right hand ring finger wine to air, air, ground shells three times to show the King of heaven, earth and ancestors (or King Dharma and Sangha), and a small drink, the host will glass full, drink one, the owner and will glass full, so that drinking three times, and finally finish the cup of wine. Tibet's major tourist attractions is the temple. At present, Tibet open to visitors are the many temples of Tibetan Buddhist temples, Tibetan Buddhist belief in general. Therefore, turning to walk when we, following a clockwise direction, must not walk counterclockwise. The small number of Bon monasteries, turning the opposite direction, should be counter-clockwise walk. Meanwhile, within the temple permitted, not Buddha loud noise and random touch, without permission, but can not be permitted within the video, photography and so on. Meanwhile, the broader religious belief in Tibet as a place where people of many details of daily life are inextricably linked with religion. For example, many Tibetans in turn by the time the old man, wearing red silk behind the child will follow some of the sheep, which was released called sheep, and not to harass those sheep. Tibetan tongue is a humility and respect each other's behavior, not disrespect for others. Hands together, said the blessing of the guests.
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