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Yibin Travel: food beauty beauty

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Success, "crowned" China Excellent Tourism City, the successful hosting of the Fourth Sichuan Tourism Development Conference, strongly promoting bigger and stronger "strong brigade" strategy ... ... Looking back a decade developing the western region, Yibin City poised to be traveling over the Fat period, is the scientific development concept, struggling to promote "strong brigade" strategy, efforts to enlarge and strengthen the tourism industry and accelerate the build for the Sichuan-Yunnan-Guizhou Yangtze River with the Ministry of Tourism established City and national ecological and historical Cultural city. Eat Eat to get that feature from the In the "eat", the years should have a new Bin Mingte snack packaging, planning and construction of street snacks centralized model, the depth of development, "Bamboo Bamboo full meal is served, tofu River, the Yangtze river fish, Yibin burning surface, Hongqiao The pig cake", etc. Dining Cultural characteristics, to enhance the quality of Yibin restaurant. Tour Swam to the enjoyment of travel from After a decade of development, Yibin Bamboo Sea, Xingwen Stone Forest, Autumn Lake, Li Zhuang Town, Buddha Mountain, cool tourist spot ginger Township attracted tourists from all over the country. National Day, even the city's May Day Golden Week Park visitors are also full size, in particular, replacement of the recreation facilities Cuipingshan Park, Tianchi park a new look, as the majority of tourists a good place for recreation, Riverside Road, Yunnan Hall, the Yangtze River View of City Landmark Plaza Light spots and attract tourists stop nostalgia. Share Popular national arts and crafts Bamboo stool bamboo chair, all kinds of Miao clothing, embroidery ornaments, bamboo decorations ... ... Xingwen Dan Haijing area in the travel products on a street crowded with people shopping, stone houses on the Southern Xiu puzzle red inlaid carved doors and windows, a row of Row winding wooden structure of the pavilion, the national characteristics of various commodities in Southern dazzling, attract many tourists stop to buy with one of prosperity.
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