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Yibin conduct thorough investigation of the tourism market malpractices

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"October" Golden Week is coming soon for the holiday tourism work really good job yesterday (28), the City Tourism Bureau convened the city area and the travel agent on holiday arrangements for the security work. It is understood that, in order to ensure that the "October" Golden Week, the orderly conduct of the work, request the Municipal Bureau of Tourism to strengthen the tourist area of traffic safety management, and strengthen the road damage caused by natural disasters or are recovering from tourist roads safety and security measures to ensure that various types of vehicles, transport and tourist facilities safe and reliable. To make safe travel tips, holiday travel to ensure that the masses safe and orderly. All kinds of tourist attractions to formulate plans for peak hours diversion, expansion of key sections do a good job, security facilities, repairs and other work. Meanwhile, the Municipal Tourism Bureau urged all localities to strengthen the supervision of the tourism market, thorough investigation of zero or negative fare, shoddy and other unscrupulous business practices, prohibition of forced or coercion consumer spending, strengthen the tourism service quality assessment and monitoring, timely treatment complaints from tourists, and effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of travel consumers. To fully grasp the changes in the market timely, targeted to release to the public travel information of practical value. Major cities, scenic attractions and transportation routes, and passenger hub to take measures to strengthen the real-time dynamic information dissemination, better guide the public travel.
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