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Anthropological Studies of China National Committee on the establishment of Na

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First China Tourism Forum and the China National Research Institute of Anthropology National Professional Committee of the inaugural meeting of National tourism on the 15th held in the international tourist city of Guilin. From all 18 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions of ethnology, anthropology, scholars and industry of nearly 200 people attended the meeting. Research in Anthropology and Ethnology of China executive vice president of the CPPCC National Committee and deputy director Zhou Mingfu said religious, ethnic tourism is to promote social and economic development in western China's pillar industry, national tourism development areas related to national economic development, social stability and harmony, national unity. With the country's western development strategy, steady progress in the implementation of the strategic pillars of national economy and promoted tourism industry, growing by the government of national tourism research and academic attention. Research in Anthropology and Ethnology in China Huang Choi introduced the Secretary-General, with the booming tourism industry minority areas, the deepening of ethnic tourism research and academic development showed good prospects, but the current strength of domestic research in this area are more scattered, with different regions, different disciplines of the researchers and research institutions, the lack of an authoritative and effective mechanism and platform for academic exchanges. Huang Choi said the National Tourism Board to academic responsibility, efforts to promote tourism in China, research in the field of national level, increase awareness of the national tourism and protection of national cultural heritage, ethnic tourism and cultural industry development, the socio-economic development of ethnic awareness and attention, pay attention to the field of field trips, to enhance self-confidence and cohesion of the Chinese nation, China's national tourism development of the discipline and work. According to reports, this meeting established the China Research Society of Anthropology and Ethnology National Travel and Tourism Commission is engaged in research and practice of national tourism academic community, the Chinese Research Society of Anthropology and Ethnology of the professional committee. Anthropology and Ethnology in China, the subject construction and academic innovation, research organizations and to promote national tourism development. It is understood that the three-day First China Tourism Forum and the China National Research Institute of Anthropology National Committee of the National Ethnic Tourism Tourism and the theme of the harmonious development of minority areas, including the inaugural meeting of National Committee on Tourism, National Tourism Forum and national tourist visits three items. Representatives of the Council of National Tourism and destinations around the social and economic development, national tour and build a harmonious society, the development of tourism industry minority areas and other issues in-depth study and discussion.
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