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Dragon Hua Gu presses down Long Fengshang

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Dragon Hua Gu presses down Long Fengshang

Raw material / condiment: Carp 1, chicken (big chickling) 1/2, Xianggu mushroom 5, chestnut of big jujube ﹑ each 10, the green that has cut 2 big spoon, garlic 1, balm, the green that ﹕ of pepper chicken spice has cut 1 big spoon, the garlic that has pounded 1 big spoon, small spoon of peppery face 1/4, balm egg of ﹕ of condiment of 1 small spoon, chili silk.

The flow that make:

(1) chicken should prepare big chickling, take out head and melon, eliminate is splanchnic and abluent.

(2) should prepare vivid carp, go the scale after end bloodlettings, cuts agglomerate and abluent.

(3) is Xianggu mushroom bubble in water column of eliminate Xianggu mushroom, big jujube goes nucleus, chestnut flay.

(4) egg decoct comes out, and cuts silk.

(Water pours in 5) past pan. Garlic of ﹑ of big jujube of ﹑ of chestnut of ﹑ of gallinaceous ﹑ Xianggu mushroom is put to thoroughly cook when boil.

(When 6) chicken is well-done, fish for rips the flesh and pepper of ﹑ of balm of ﹑ of green ﹑ garlic to mix together.

(7) puts carp place in the soup of the chicken that boil, and boils again.

(The true taste that 8) has Long Fengshang when coming out, fill in the bowl, and above put mixed chicken and chili silk.

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