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Moorhen of screen mountain pass

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Raw material of moorhen of screen mountain pass: Pink of 3 yellow chicken, cooking wine, chili, green, garlic, ginger, soy, salt, candy, vinegar.


1) chicken is abluent, behead is agglomerate. Before water is about to burn, add green ginger cooking wine in boiler. Chicken is put to boil 10 minutes after water leaves. Boiled time does not want too long, such chicken are tenderer.

2) the chicken that has cooked should be put in cold water immediately, had better be ice stimulate in water. So coriaceous and exquisite slip closely, fragile not allow fragily to come loose easily sodden.

3) green ginger garlic is abluent, mincing. Have pot, enter oil, wait for 6 when becoming heat, put green ginger garlic to break, explode fry a fragrance, involve fire, in irruptive chili pink, the oil that the drop after precipitation gives is red oil. (remarks: If do not have screen pack, fish out of green ginger garlic hind, again in pink of will oily irruptive chili. )

4) take out chicken drop to work from inside putting water on the ice, cut small, put dish in.

5) soy, salt, candy, vinegar mixes two spoon red oil, after mix is even, drench it is above chicken. According to yourself's taste, can match a few caraway, sweet green, sesame seed.

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