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Lan Xiangzhai bacon

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Raw material of Lan Xiangzhai bacon: The flesh, salt, Chinese prickly ash. Make a way: Fumigated.

Lan Xiangzhai bacon is in early 229 time with its distinctive delicate, famed at saving inside and outside, when Ceng Zaicheng is on sale on beautiful meeting, have the honor to win certificate of merit and medal, sell as far as to Shanghai of peaceful wave of Chongqing of grow into useful timber and southeast Asia and other places. Personage of China and foreign countries has the person that favour gets full the luck to eat sth delicious, all without exception becomes warped point to successful highly praise, have Shi Yun: "Bacon is delicious buy is Bacchic, lotus is goluptious count Lan Xiang. Lotus is goluptious count Lan Xiang..

Finished product of Lan Xiangxun flesh presents sauce black, hei Jing shines, fragrance is tangy, flavour is long delicious, the assist that is ideal asperses cate, also be the rare gift that presents close friend.

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