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Appropriate guest lung piece

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Appropriate guest lung piece raw material: Beef 100 grams, bovine tongue 100 grams, bovine scalp 100 grams, niu Xin 150 grams, tripe 200 grams, flavor (anise, 3 Nai, anise, small fennel, caoguo, cassia bark, clove, ginger) , face of face of salt, red oily chili, Chinese prickly ash, Chinese prickly ash, sesame seed, ripe pignut, soya-bean oil, gourmet powder, celery each are right amount.

Make a way:

1. Cut beef agglomerate, with Niu Za (scalp of bovine tongue, Niu Xin, ox, tripe) a full is clean, with all sorts of condiment such as face of flavor, salt, Chinese prickly ash bittern is made, after leaving with fierce baked wheaten cake first, turn with small fire, bittern is made not sodden to fleshy makings cake, scoop air next cool, cut big chip, reserve.

2. celery abluent, cut what grow into 1 centimeter paragraph. Sesame seed is fried ripe press into end to reserve with with ripe flower.

3. Dish in put the beef that has cut, Niu Za, dish of He Qin of face of rejoin thick gravy, soya-bean oil, gourmet powder, Chinese prickly ash, red oily chili, sesame seed, pignut end, mix divide evenly is become namely.

More than 50 years ago, chao Hua having Guo, Zhang Tian 2 people of husband and wife, in order to make lung of hot beef of carry out hemp piece for course of study, two people from carry basket to peddle, guest of the action that place vendor's stand arrives set inn to manage. Lung of their place carry out piece tongue of the solid scalp that it is an ox, Niu Xin, ox, tripe, beef, do not use lung. Note reelect to expect, make careful, flavor fastidious, love by masses. For distinction at other lung piece, with " lung of husband and wife piece " say. Lung of husband and wife piece big and thin, cake glutinous tasty, hemp hot delicacy is sweet, delicate change broken bits.

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