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Brook bean curd works south

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Brook bean curd works south only then at clear Guang Xunian, be apart from already had more than 100 years of histories today. By the onefold breed the five spices that first small mill produces bean curd doing develops present large-scale hi-tech the modern industry of much breed.

Nowadays, brook county major produces bean curd to do bigger modern company to have 3 south: Food of person of factory of Xie Yulin food, be the concubine is finite liability company, good cling to feed food limited company. Accede to manufacture technology traditionally, use new and high technology and advanced device, form etiquette model turns production, it is lane of person of the 7 old series such as juice of any of several hot spice plants of hot, Jin Gou, barbecue, bubble, ham, ox and Xie Yulin, be the concubine, good that by bean curd of original the five spices dry development is the five spices, hemp cling to eat 3 brands nearly 30 breed.

Brook bean curd does the craft that make south careful, with makings fastidious, gust exquisite, Xian Xiangrou pliable but strong, nutrition abounds distinctive, taste, old little all appropriate, so deep that people loves, already made the local special local product with famed far and near, the product demands exceeds supply, can satisfy around area requirement only, extremely provincial buy not easily.

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