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Banger of Shan Guipai wide flavour

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Banger of Shan Guipai wide flavour, ministry, province is high grade product. Bridge makes the same score production of prefectural food company. Main raw material is plain east flesh of head of the lean lean of essence of life of lean lean pig, fat, complementary makings is high grade liquor, white sugar, refined salt, natural casing to wait. Use conventional technology and fill of modern science and technology to make carbonado kang and into. With compound thin desert is vacuum-packed, deposit 3 months - 6 months still retain new character. Lubricious delicacy is delicious, aftertaste burst is great. Evaporate boils 15 minutes can assist wine go with rice. The be among the best of candidates in all previous country, ministry, appraise through comparison that save actor. 1985, won a state twice 1990 award of high grade silver.

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