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Appropriate guest lights a face

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Appropriate guest lights government office of original name appraise to light a face, it is early between clear Guang Xunian, begin somebody to manage, the name that is appropriate guest tradition is fastfood. This kind fastfood choose this locality noodle of high grade water is given priority to makings, fizzle out with appropriate guest bud dish, small grind sesame oil, delicacy board to change chili of Nai of oily, anise, hill, sesame seed, earthnut, walnut, metal bar, classy Chinese prickly ash, gourmet powder and sweet green, pea the complementary makings such as needle or spinach leaf, thoroughly cook the face, scoop swing dry, purify alkaline flavour, cheer spice to be become namely by conventional technology again. Appropriate guest lights face characteristic is: Inattentive Gong Liang, fragrance is alternate with of tangy, hot hemp, delicious tastily. Already but assist wine, but satiety. Because of its oil weighs anhydrous, ignite to be lighted namely, friend name lights a face. This economy is substantial, original, not only native loves, it is tourist of China and foreign countries also is profuse in praise.

Advocate makings: Dish of bud of surface, broken rice.

Burden: Oil of pink of oil of pignut, soya bean, edible, green, ginger, Chinese prickly ash, flavor, chili pink, soy, gourmet powder.

Course of action: 1, pignut, soya bean is fried with boiler fighting heat sweet hind dolly reserves.

2, edible oil comes 6 pink of Chinese prickly ash, ginger, flavor is put to heat when becoming heat reserve after render palatable.

3, water comes at be being boiled in wide soup firm squashy give boiler namely, in the bowl is being loaded after flinging the moisture content on the face.

4, add spare edible oil instantly a few blend the face even.

5, join pink of dish of broken rice bud, pignut, soya bean, green, soy, gourmet powder to wait can edible.

Characteristic: Hemp, hot, bright, sweet, advisable guest tradition a special skill.

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