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Bud dish buckles the flesh

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Advocate makings: Take course of Pi Wuhua pork, bud.

Burden: Oil of brown sugar, edible, gourmet powder, soy, ginger, Chinese prickly ash, peppery wait.

Course of action: 1, will take Pi Wuhua pork to join right amount ginger, Chinese prickly ash to boil fully, take the advantage of hot even daub to already boiled the syrup that has made, soy; On fire of flourishing of the buy that fry pan, enter edible oil right amount, wait for oil to burn to 7 maturity when, put skin skin of oily boiler blast to golden color downward, about 5 × cut fleshy plastics after refrigeration the cutlet of 30 × 50mm.

2, put cutlet skin regularly the bowl downward inside, put food of broken rice bud, wait for soy, ginger, gourmet powder, candy again join, appear into basket evaporate, buckle instead when edible at dish can.

Characteristic: Fat and not be bored with, fragrance is full-bodied, for Sichuan name dish.

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