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Appraise government office is age flooey egg

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Originate in Sichuan appropriate guest. Appropriate guest " appraise government office is age flooey egg " adopt flooey souse and become bright duck's egg. In process of flooey egg souse, classics wanting one by one 3 period regulations, ten working procedure, among them blame in order to strike egg process most strict. Must use the bamboo rod light clap with thick little finger to attack chorion, with chorion slight burst, egg film is complete nondestructive is qualification. Arrive from production turn over altar to store one year just can leave factory, 3 years of above person flavour is much better. "Appraise government office is age flooey egg " have a way very special: First dish of flooey egg park in, add right amount white sugar, drip again liquor a few, the appreciably that use chopsticks churns, after waiting for be in harmony of egg, candy, wine to be an organic whole, can pick up slowly feed go with wine, have a distinctive flavour. Its egg is qualitative soft tender, gong Liang of colour and lustre, mellow fragrance is long, nutrition is rich. 1982, be judged to be high grade name by commercial department special food.

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