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Reed carves Jiang Anzhu

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Jiang An is located in Sichuan to save the southern part, grow Changjiang Delta bank, produces Nan bamboo has grain nicety, zhuqing is like silks and satins, bamboo reed is like the characteristic of ivory bone, it is bamboo reed carven excellent raw material. Bamboo reed passes processing, huang Chen brilliant of jade-like stone embellish is bright, have colour and lustre of weak yellow ivory, be known as " bamboo ivory " . Jiang Anzhu reed carves rich and colorful of technology product breed. Today reed of sculpture of articles made of bamboo, bamboo is enchased, bamboo reed sculpture, Zhu Sixiang is embedded, bamboo reinforcement leather 5 kinds big, 140 breed, 300 design and color. Design subject matter has reflective mountains and rivers-land scenic spot " scene of high mountain eyebrow " , " Jiang Yan " etc; The high grade material such as the ormosia wood of grain of the useful fleck that take hemp, ebony, nanmu makes burden, combination becomes flowers wood; Have acting fokelore of draw materials Yu Gu " hemp aunt shows life " , " which Zha is troubled by the sea " etc; Still have the animal of indicative good fortune as one wishes, be like dragon, phoenix, the design such as panda, lifelike. In recent years, actor of Jiang Anzhu carve people the gimmick such as successive sky carve, anaglyph, shallow carve, created bamboo reed to enchase, the new technology such as paintbrush Gou Dao, develop original shallow carve, bas-relief to carve of bamboo of chromatic, color, coloured drawing or pattern and main body anaglyph, broke through configuration of Nan bamboo itself manacle, modelling is chic, carver is careful, develop a school of one's own.

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