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Appropriate guest 5 grain fluid

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Original name of 5 grain fluid " wine of food grains other than wheat and rice " , with meal rice, polished glutinous rice, corn, broomcorn, wheat elaborate wine makes 5 kinds of food and become. Obtained Panama international 1916 qualitative award of gold of exposition name wine. 1929, yang Huiquan of clear acting a successful candidate in the imperial examinations at the provincial level in the Ming and Qing dynasties dislikes its name indelicate, incognito for " 5 grain fluid " . According to expert appraisal, appropriate guest kiln of wine of 5 grain fluid is bright generation opens the hangover of wine, be apart from the history that has more than 500 years today. 5 grain pure is aroma liquor cling to, its characteristic is: Aroma is tangy, the entrance is downy and honey, enter larynx clean bright, the lingering fragrance after the meal is endless.

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