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Sun of appropriate guest bamboo

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Zhu Sun, renown " bamboo is joined " , " Seng Zhu potato " , belong to key link of bacterium of a carring pole, fungus of ghost pen division. Shape of bacterium body pen, coping has bell shape pileus, gai Gong is lubricious, the surface has effluvial and mucous. The lid leaves the meshy department that has white, hang down downward. pileus smelly head is cut, insolation hind has sweet smell. Bamboo Sun quality of a material is exquisite, flavour is delicious, nutrition is rich, far on Zhu Jun, from of old, it is the dainty beautiful meat and fish dishes in advanced banquet.

According to determining, protein content of Zhu Sun amounts to 20% above, contain 8 human body is indispensible kinds of amino acid, but digestive rate amounts to 80% above, taller than any vegetable. Have higher officinal value. Study an analysis according to modern medicine, zhu Sun contains the certain material that fight cancer in bacterium candy, have prevent the cancer, function that controls cancer. It can adjust the metabolism of human body, reduce blood pressure, reduce cholesterol. Especially celiac wall is adipose heavy panel person, long-term edible has reduce the apparent effect with celiac adipose wall.

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